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Bring Your Voice to Life!  
'Voice at Work' Vocal Health Workshops   


    with expert Voice and Presentation Coach Karin Karian, B Ed, Dip Com, NLP 

This is a practical ‘hands-on’ session packed with tried and tested tips, useful information, practical ideas, ‘before’ and ‘after’ demonstrations, time for questions, and real-life help which you can instantly adapt to your own personality, style
and situation with confidence.

Karin Karian Ed, Dip Com, NLP has been working as a communication and performance consultant and voice coach for 30 years.

She has an honest and warm informal approach which is always inspiring, intelligent and intuitive, and she is particularly skilled in helping people achieve fast personalised and visible results without stress.

She is in high demand for her expertise and her reputation for 'achieving the impossible'!

You will get practical explanations and suggestions that actually work!




• How to prevent common voice problems
• Breath and posture control - quick and easy steps
• Clear projection - techniques and confidence issues
• How stress affects the voice and what you can do
• Remedies for common voice problems

• Articulation / Elocution - why vowels and consonants matter
• Adapting your voice for different locations and audiences
• Variation of pace, tone and volume for vocal health 
• Body language - your vocal assistant 
• Q&A, Troubleshooting

All attendees will also have email access to Karin following the event
and a special rate for anyone wishing to book a one-to-one personal coaching session.

Karin is always happy to answer your questions. Why not give her a call now
to talk about tailoring this workshop to help your team, or as a one on one course:


Karin Karian, B Ed, Dip Com, NLP
Office: +44 (0) 1202 253704 
Mobile: +44 (0) 7773 493770


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