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If writing is part of your role, it may be critical to ensure your writing skills reflect the calibre and identity of your company, organisation, project or brand, and make the very best first impression in every situation. Being articulate and confident in all your written communications will get your message or story across powerfully with lasting impact and resonance, every time. 

If you are an author, you will want your book to have the greatest reach and the very best chance of success, with unique identity and a compelling voice.

If you are an orator, you will know that compelling speaking often starts with compelling writing and/or planning.

You may be a spokesperson, keynote speaker, panel member, author, blogger, promoter, or perhaps  in a new challenging role or seeking a significant career move... 

 If you're a seasoned professional, you may be looking for editorial help for a book or writing project, a major keynote speech, to create your script for a promotional or masterclass video, podcast interview, or to hone your blogging or article-writing skills.

Karin Karian, B Ed, Dip Com, NLP provides expert Writing and Editing coaching for people seeking guidance, development or 'hands-on' help with copy-writing or editing for a specific project, commission or mandate, and for senior professionals who wish to raise their writing skills to the highest level. 

Karin has vast experience working with authors, leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals to create and publish/present exceptional writing to the very highest literary and professional standards. She can help you bring your voice to life with compelling engagement, hone your skills, and show you how to achieve the greatest impact. 

She can step in at any stage of your project or brief, keep you focused and on track, and help you achieve your most influential and memorable work, to the highest level and to maximum effect.

Equally, Karin can be alongside you through your whole writing journey for a larger project at regular intervals from day one to the release date itself, and beyond. 

She knows what will work, she can help you discover your writing 'voice', and she will guide and inspire you to realise your full writing potential to the maximum, beyond your needs and expectations.

You may have different reasons altogether for developing your writing skills - a personal project, something creative and unique...

Whatever the goal, Karin will help you excel. Every skill you develop is transferable, and you'll make surprisingly fast and noticeable progress, from the very first session.

Creative Intelligence

From pacing and paragraphing to openings and endings, vocabulary and phrasing to style, punctuation and grammar; from tone and context to eloquence and ideas, you will retain full copyright of your project and Karin will be alongside to help you create, amend and present your work to the exceptional standard you are capable of, and make the impact you intend.
All your future writing will undoubtedly benefit long-term, and even one session will make a noticeable and permanent difference.

Emotional Intelligence
You will also increase your awareness of your audience and/or readership, your intended demographic, their expectations and assumptions - and not least, your own! Karin will also draw on research and science which demonstrates the value of this additional area of knowledge and awareness, and show you how to apply it powerfully.

Understanding how what you write is likely to be received, and why, will be an important consideration during the process and will help you hone your work
more effectively.


Sessions are relaxed and informal, and will usually be 90 minutes or 120 minutes depending on your project, budget and time availability.

Karin can stay with you for the duration of your writing project at intervals to suit you or for a brief injection of ideas and/or honing at any stage in just a handful of sessions - whichever you prefer. 
For general writing skills development to the highest level, you can book a regular fortnightly session, or start with one and add further sessions as you go.

Appointments can sometimes be made at short notice if you have an urgent deadline if you need Karin to jump in at the 'deep end' of a project or brief to inject fresh energy, insight and targeted expertise to help get it over the line.
It's always worth calling to ask.



Karin is always happy to answer your questions. Why not give her a call now
to discuss your project or goals:

Karin Karian, B Ed, Dip Com, NLP
Office: +44 (0)1202 253704
Mobile: +44 (0) 7773 493770
Email: karin@vocalsolutions-uk.com


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