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          Speak more effectively, confidently and naturally


It is almost certainly possible to change what you don't like about your voice. 

If your voice isn't working for you in your professional or social circumstances,   
if you feel self-conscious or nervous, if you stumble or forget your words...

if someone has suggested you find a voice coach or if you are experiencing 
voice problems of any kind...

Karin Karian can help you identify the underlying cause of your voice issues
and show you how to speak more effectively, confidently and naturally.

You will make noticeable improvements even in your first session. 


If you would like voice coaching for voice-over work or acting, presenting or telephone manner, for an interview, audition or exam, accent reduction or clarity...

...or help preparing and delivering a speech, reading or presentation for
a specific event, Karin can help, even at short notice.

If you simply want to improve your general communication skills,
Voice Coaching will help. Colleagues, friends and family will notice the difference.

Karin can help you with every technique, voice problem or related skill you will need to realize your full potential, and is one of the UK's leading voice specialists. 

Everything she recommends and teaches has been tried and tested
hundreds of times in real life situations with real people, so you get the benefit
of what actually works!

Sessions are relaxed and informal, and usually last 90 minutes. A regular weekly or fortnightly appointment provides the greatest results for most people,
but this can be adjusted to suit your budget and time availability, and it is always best to try an initial session without obligation before committing more regularly. 

If you already have a clear idea about what you want to achieve, you can get started on it in your very first session.

If you would like advice, an assessment or some guidance, Karin can help you understand what will make the greatest or fastest difference, and show you how to achieve it. Even in your first session, you will make surprising improvements which can be applied instantly in your real life situation.

If it helps to tailor your sessions by selecting topics from the following list of ideas, feel free to do so, and add any of your own.
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Clarity and Articulation
Pronunciation and Emphasis
Tone and Character
Raising or Lowering Pitch
Warmth and Appeal
Speaking with Gravitas
Shyness and quietness
Increasing or Reducing Volume
Adapting Your Voice
Hear Your Voice as Others Do

The Role of Vowels and Consonants
Rhythm and Pace
Breathing and Posture
Accent Reduction
Voice Problems
Saying What You Mean
Difficult Conversations
Engaging Your Listeners
Body Language and Gesture
Facial Expressions
The Importance of Smiling
Speaking and Silence
Fluency, Flow
Punctuation and Pausing
Launching and finishing
Creating and Writing a Speech

If you simply want to get on with working on your script, speech or a specific technique, that's fine too! - We'll pick up any relevant topics as and when the need arises, and take a flexible approach that works for you. 

The most important thing is that you get noticeable improvements which make you feel more confident and capable.

"Karin, I'm amazed: in just two sessions, I have learnt more than in the whole of the last two years with two other coaches. Thank you !" LT

"Dear Karin, With your guidance and encouragement I have learnt at last how to enjoy my voice! In teaching me this you have given me back one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever been blessed with. A gift that keeps on giving. Thank you." N J

"Dear Karin, I just wanted say a big THANK YOU to you for the work that you did with Callum.
In the one hour that you spent with him, you assessed him so accurately that based on your suggestions his school has now called back the speech therapist that said he was "fine now'" and are now allocating extra one on one time for Callum to develop and be taught in a way that is more suited to him, and this is all thanks to your assessment! I cannot thank you enough!

It has taken me almost two years of searching and pleading with various educational specialists and consultant child paediatricians, all of whom wanted to 'label' Callum, but none of them could actually determine what was needed, and none of them actually assessed or even came close
to describing Callum and his difficulties. You truly are amazing and I am so glad that we met you. You have put Callum on the right road enabling him now to receive the tuition and help that I have battled to get for him. I cannot thank you enough and I will of course keep you updated with his progress. Many many thanks."
Jan H, Parent

"I was diagnosed with vocal nodules from over strain of my voice, and was told the operation would take three months recovery with no speaking. As a last resort, I went to see Karin Karian. She taught me how to use my spoken and singing voice in a healthy way, and explained about the physical and relating emotional reasons for why it happened. All the soreness and raspiness has gone now. I'm back singing, with no operation!" G B

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Karin is always happy to answer your questions. Why not give her a call now 
to discuss your needs:



Karin Karian
B Ed Dip Com NLP
Office: +44 (0) 1202 253704 
Mobile: +44 (0) 7773 493770



Voice Coaching in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire 
or wherever you are in the world remotely via Zoom or even by phone! 



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