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     "Coaching for the speeches is as essential as ordering the bouquets!" 
                                             UK Wedding Planner

 Wedding Speech Coaching in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire
or wherever you are in the world via Zoom

With expert guidance from Karin Karian, one of the UK's most sought-after Wedding Speech coaches, you can get as much help as you need to prepare your best speech ever.

You can build your confidence and get inspired and completely equipped with all the presentation skills you'll need to turn your fears into glowing success ready for
the special day.

If you need help to write or edit your speech - whether you're an experienced speaker or you feel you have no idea where to start - it helps to start preparing
as early as possible.

On the other hand, if, like most people, you've been putting it off and left it to the last minute, call Karin as soon as you can and she'll help you catch up and do
the best possible job in the available time.

Even just one session will bring noticeable improvements. If you have enough lead time, regular progress spread over a few months will get even better results.

         "Thanks for all your help. The speech went down a storm, helped along with vast
            quantities of champagne! Even my Father in Law had a tear in his eye. 

           "Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed it. I still can't get over how many
            compliments I've received - they haven't stopped all week."
Matt, Best Man


Whether it's a 'Best Man', 'Groom', 'Bride', 'Father of the Bride' or 'Mother of the Bride' speech, a tribute by a friend of the family, or if you are the vicar or celebrant...

if you've been asked to do a reading in the church or at your special wedding venue, or you have an unconventional plan ...

If you are writing your own vows and need help with ideas or to rehearse...

If you want to feel confident greeting guests as they arrive at the reception, if you're a group of ushers and friends with a little surprise presentation for the happy couple, or if you simply have a desire to increase your confidence when in conversation with people you don't know very well ...

a Wedding Speech Coach will make all the difference.

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Whatever your style - if you want to be warm and engaging, inspirational, funny, fairly formal and traditional, or very casual and unconventional, brushing up your skills in the art of public speaking will be worthwhile beyond your expectations.

Karin's approach has been tried and tested hundreds of times with real people
in real situations, so you can be sure that it actually works! 

She is patient, inspiring and can work with your own ideas or help you work out how to get started if you're not quite sure where to begin. 

You will get a completely personalised approach,  tailored to your own personality, strengths and specific situation, and she'll quickly help you work out how much can be achieved in your available lead time.

It's always possible to create something fresh and original, happy and memorable. Keeping it natural is the key. - And lots of rehearsal!
Sessions are relaxed and informal, and you will make very fast progress - with a cup of coffee or tea, and more fun than you might expect for such an important task!

Your friends and family will certainly notice the difference.



Karin is always happy to answer your questions. Why not give her a call now
to discuss your project and/or book a session:

Karin Karian, B Ed, Dip Com, NLP

Bournemouth Office: +44 (0) 1202 253704
Mobile: +44 (0)7773 493770
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                 Make your wedding speech as special as the day itself.


Wedding Speech Coaching in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire
or wherever you are in the world via Zoom, or if necessary, even by phone! 

Karin Karian is also available for coaching in all types of public speaking and presenting, both privately and as a consultant coach for business at all levels.

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