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Working with Karin Karian...

If you would like to speak personally with some of Karin’s past clients about their experience of her services, please email for contact details of people who are happy to provide a reference or answer any questions candidly and honestly.



“If you want to stop feeling stressed and start getting excited about your life, 
work with Karin Karian.” 
K C, Human Resources

“I would pay twice her fee for half the service. I have met many therapists, trainers and coaches but Karin Karian is without doubt the best teacher I have ever had. She is warm-hearted and clever and she truly lives what she believes.
To meet her is to change your life.”
Anon, CEO

“If you want a team that respects and likes one another, cooperates efficiently
and performs like you’ve never seen - get Karin Karian in, and don’t lose
her number.” H B, Team Manager, Dorset NHS Healthcare Trust

"Karin is a very insightful and challenging coach. She has a vast amount of experience in coaching executives, and I thank her for her trimming the sails for me when I was in choppy waters." Sarah HG, FCIPD, Coach and Mentor for HR Consultants

"Dear Karin, I am so grateful for your astute observations, your refreshing yet utterly relevant challenges, your kindness, and your timely, poignant advice
- all of which have made such a difference." P W, Consultant Director

"Karin, you are good. You are very good at what you do. I got what I came for.
And you also met my secondary agenda which I didn't tell you about!
Thank you. I will be back!"
James D, Consultant Business Strategist

"Dear Karin, I always feel so much better after talking with you. Thank you."
S P, Lecturer

"Karin, I'm amazed: in just two sessions I have learnt more than in the whole
of the last two years with two other coaches. Thank you!" LT, Analyst

" Thanks for all your help. The speech went down a storm. " Matt D




“Karin Karian is a trainer of integrity and passion. She gets results fast and her unique approach is refreshing and motivational. The benefits are noticeable, quantifiable and permanent. Her vast experience means there is nothing she can’t handle and she really knows how people ‘tick’. I would recommend her unreservedly.”  S B, Publisher

"They were so impressed with my presentation and the transformation you achieved in such a short time that they want to invite you to train everyone else now!" G B, Sainsbury's 

"Dear Karin, With your guidance and encouragement I have learnt at last how
to enjoy my voice! In teaching me this you have given me back one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever been blessed with. A gift that keeps on giving.
Thank you." N J, Consultant

“I cannot speak highly enough of Karin’s work. If someone has a specific problem, or even a vague issue, Karin will help them identify the key elements (and the less than obvious ones), find a superior solution, and what’s more, it will turn out to be the best one for everyone concerned.

"Staff become more confident and more capable and their motivation is greatly increased. This approach of synthesis and integration certainly seems to have a remarkably strong impact both at work and in people's personal lives."
S F, Human Resources Manager


"Hi Karin, Well firstly may I say a big thank you to you.......I had a very excited young lady return to my home last night ... It was very inspiring to see Tracy so enthusiastic about everything - I have always said to her that it's got as much to do with self belief as it has technical knowledge and getting in that zone will make everything make sense, and you certainly achieved that! It's all very positive and
I think that you have already done a great job and for that I thank you."
David C

"Dear Karin, I just wanted say a big THANK YOU to you for the work that you did with Callum. In the one hour that you spent with him, you assessed him so accurately that based on your suggestions his school has now called back the speech therapist that said he was "fine now'" and are now allocating extra one on one time for Callum to develop and be taught in a way that is more suited to him, and this is all thanks to your assessment!

"I cannot thank you enough! It has taken me almost two years of searching and pleading with various educational specialists and consultant child paediatricians, all of whom wanted to 'label' Callum, but none of them could actually determine what was needed, and none of them actually assessed or even came close to describing Callum and his difficulties.

"You truly are amazing and I am so glad that we met you. You have put Callum on the right road enabling him now to receive the tuition and help that I have battled to get for him. I cannot thank you enough and I will of course keep you updated with his progress. Many many thanks."
Jan H, Parent

"You have such a positive impact on people you meet, the man sitting next to me said he really enjoyed the show and found it illuminating (his words not mine)."
M D, Delegate, 'Confidence and Public Speaking' Event

"Extremely warm and welcoming and relaxed. Some very practical points advised that can be applied in life - clearly and simply. Very good." S.M, Senior Executive

"I loved your show - full of inspiration - you were a 'tonic' - I am so grateful for my 'moment of fame' ." A H, Delegate, 'Confidence and Public Speaking' Event



“Karin Karian’s a rare diamond. You can’t not like her, and you can’t leave without learning something. Be warned - you will get more than you bargained on. But you will get what you came for too. (My wife tells me I’m a ‘changed man’, and I only went for a bit of coaching in public speaking!). Seeing is believing.”
S B, Marketing Lead

“Karin works in two ways: First you improve your skill, faster and better than you expected, then you start to integrate your life. You are in control of every change you make, and find yourself living with more confidence, care and success. Your communication skills improve and you work with energy, diligence and motivation beyond anyone’s expectations.

"You will get big results that everyone notices, with a remarkably personal and informal approach. She will make a positive difference to your life. Call her.”

J R, Team Lead, Dorset County Council

“Karin Karian will help you ‘up’ your game and you will become more aware of yourself and everyone around you to maximum effect.” P S, Sales Executive


“I never thought I’d get so good so fast and I would never have realised that what I was thinking could have such an effect on other people and on my own achievements. I had no idea that improving my skill could be connected with my relationships and my outlook on life too.

"The knock on effect professionally is a big improvement in the way I present myself in public and how confident I feel. I now understand the needs of my audience and I look beyond myself.”
R H, Presenter

"I was diagnosed with vocal nodules from over strain of my voice, and was told the operation would take three months recovery with no speaking. As a last resort I went to see Karin Karian. She taught me how to use my... voice in a healthy way
and explained about the physical and relating emotional reasons for why it happened. All the soreness and raspiness has gone now...with no operation!"

“The key words for me were ‘connection’, ‘courage’ ‘letting go’ and ‘trust’. I secretly believed I could achieve something extraordinary but I never knew where to start. Karin worked with me to clear the cycle of obstacles I had habitually put in my own path to sabotage my greatest chance of success. I learnt why I do this and how
to spot the triggers and take control.

"I also learnt that fear is only a stepping stone on the path to total confidence.
I am now actually doing what I had only ever dreamed of, and to a high level,
out there with the best of them.”

K V, Business Owner

“Karin stayed with me all the way and I am now completely confident to ‘go it alone’. Her insight and inspiration has transformed my own perspective and changed my life in ways I would never have imagined. You can trust her to be professional and totally confidential, and she always manages to perfectly judge the pace you can handle.” W L, Company Director

“She is definitely the best. She works out what you want, she shows you different ways to get it, she hands you the tools and watches over you while you work out the best way for you. I guess it probably depends on your issues and how sceptical you are, but the solutions are so simple and it makes sense.

"It works for everyone - I’ve sent several people her way and they’d all agree.
You can’t argue when you get results, and you watch the reactions and you realise you had the ability to do whatever you want all along but you just didn’t quite know how to get at it.”
J S, Producer


“Things at work were messy. I felt undermined, undervalued and I was sick of being the focus of the gossip. I’m far from stupid but I was even starting to become the person they’d painted me as. I went to see Karin with surprising results. I found a way to connect with my colleagues and it happened so fast – we even go for a drink after work these days.

"My motivation has improved 100% and I now look forward to work without watching the clock. I am happier, stronger, healthier and I feel respected. I also turn out to be really good at a few things I thought were out of my reach. My partner and kids like me being around more and I like myself better.

"If you get the chance to work with Karin, take it. She will help you see the connection between your issue or goal and the rest of your life; you’ll do it in your own way and you’ll never look back.

"I learnt that you get what you expect. Thanks to Karin, I now expect the best, aim for the best and incredibly my life has become the best it’s ever been.”

P T, Industrial Designer

"My relationship with my partner improved beyond all recognition when I started to talk about tricky issues with confidence. I learnt how to recognise my underlying motives for what I said and did, and to negotiate my needs without compromise whilst also respecting [his]. I never believed it was possible, but we have learnt to communicate in a completely different way and life is better than ever.

"We cannot thank Karin enough for her support and guidance. Plain speaking without implied accusations is such a simple approach and you get such amazing results. I went to see Karin on my own but we have both benefited. I only wish I'd met her years ago."
L K, Financial Advisor

"The results speak for themselves" AC, Entrepreneur

"I cannot speak highly enough of Karin's work" SF, HR Lead


     Karin Karian, B Ed, Dip Com, NLP
Office: +44 (0) 1202 253704
Mobile: +44 (0) 7773 493770

Email: Karin@vocalsolutions-uk.com


Communication Coaching in Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire
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